Manipal Healthcare Limited – an IHH Healthcare Berhad Company – is a leading integrated healthcare services provider in India. It is one of the largest healthcare organisations in the country with 36 healthcare facilities (including projects under development), 4000 operational beds and over 400 diagnostics centres (including JVs). Manipal is present in India, United Arab Emirates (UAE) & Sri Lanka. The Company is listed on the BSE Ltd and National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. It draws strength from its partnership with global major and parent company, IHH, to build upon its culture of world-class patient care and superlative clinical excellence. Manipal employs 23,000 people (including SRL) who share its vision of becoming the world’s most trusted healthcare network. Manipal offers a full spectrum of integrated healthcare services ranging from clinics to quaternary care facilities and a wide range of ancillary services.

Manipal Healthcare bagged 10 awards in various categories at the FICCI Medical Travel Value Awards 2019. The awards, instituted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), were presented at the Advantage Health Care India - 2019 Summit.

Center of excellence in Manipal Hospital

Manipal Healthcare Limited is one of the leading chain of Hospitals in India which are benchmarked to International standards achieving quality through the relentless adherence to the protocols observed in some of the world’s leading hospitals.

Digestive and Liver Diseases

Bone Marrow Transplant

Heart Centre

Cancer & Oncology Centre

Centre For Robotic Surgery

Centre For Spine and Neuro

Centre for Orthopedic joint Transplant

Centre for Renal Sciences & Kidney Transplant


Dr. Arvind Sabharwal

Paediatrics Surgery

Dr. Bopanna

HOD and Consultant

Dr. Sanjay Gogoi


Dr. Shailendra Lalwani

Liver Transplantation

Dr. Vedant Kabra

Surgical Oncology

Dr. Yugal Kishore Mishra

Chief of Clinical Services Head and Cardio Vascular Surgeon

International Patient Services

Hospital provide best facilities to international patients, from initial stage to end.

Free consultation with Doctor

Medical Visa for India

The GOI has introduced medical visa for foreign nationals across the world seeking specialty medical treatment in India...Contact Us

Airport Pickup

We have the complementary airport pickup & drop facilities for the international patients. Our dedicative staff is available on the airport for receiving the international guests.

Accommodation Services

Hospital will help you to find affordable accommodation for you.

Other Specialities


  • Dr. Abir Ray- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Akhil Agarwal-
  • Dr. Anand Kumar- Additional Director
  • Dr. Anil Karlekar- Director - Clinical Affairs
  • Dr. Anshu S.S Kotia- Additional Director
  • Dr. Arun BG- Consultant
  • Dr. Ashutosh Vallabh- Principal Consultant
  • Dr. Jai Prakash Sharma- Consultant
  • Dr. Jaya Chaudhury- Consultant
  • Dr. Jyotsna Bhargava- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Kanwar Aditya Baloria- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Krishna Kant Sharma- Director


  • Dr. (Prof.) Shekhar- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Akhil Gautam- Cardiologist
  • Dr. Alok Chopra- Consultant Cardiologist & Director
  • Dr. Ameya Udyavar- Consultant Cardiologist
  • Dr. Amit Hooda- Consultant
  • Dr. Anil Saxena- Director
  • Dr. Ankur Phatarpekar- Consultant, Interventional Cardiology
  • Dr. Aparna Jaswal- Principal Consultant
  • Dr. Arul Narayanan- Consultant
  • Dr. Arun Kochar- Senior Consultant

Critical Care

  • Dr. Amandeep Singh- Consultant
  • Dr. Amit Varma- Director
  • Dr. Ashok Gawdi- Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist
  • Dr. Bharesh Dedhia- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Biswarup Pal- HOD – Department of Critical Care
  • Dr. Garud Chandan- Consultant Critical Care
  • Dr. Javed Qureshy- Consultant
  • Dr. Kavitha V.- Associate Consultant
  • Dr. Mrinal Sircar- Director and Head of the Department
  • Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan- Senior Consultant


  • Dr Richa- Consultant
  • Dr. A L Das- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Amanjot Kaur Arora- Consultant
  • Dr. Amudha. M- Consultant Dermatologist
  • Dr. Anu Jain- Consultant
  • Dr. Anusree Gangopadhyay- Consultant
  • Dr. Daljeet Kaur- Consultant
  • Dr. Deepak Vohra- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Jatin Sharma- Empanelled Consultant
  • Dr. Kiran Godse- Consultant Dermatologist
  • Dr. Komal Gupta- Consultant
  • Dr. Madhumita- Consultant

Gastrointestinal & Hepatobilliary Surgery

  • Dr. Aashish Shah- Director
  • Dr. Amit Garg- Clinical Associate
  • Dr. Amit Gharat- Gastroenterologist
  • Dr. Ashwani Chopra- Director & Consultant
  • Dr. D. Kannan- Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist
  • Dr. GH Raju- Consultant GI Surgeon
  • Dr. L. Anand- Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist
  • Dr. Manu Shanker- Principal Consultant
  • Dr. Neelamekam TK- Senior Consultant


  • Dr. Aniruddha Dayama- Consultant
  • Dr. Anju Jain- Consultant Haematologist & Haemato
  • Dr. Ashay Karpe- Consultant
  • Dr. Avinash Deo- Consultant, Hematology
  • Dr. B. K. Smruti- Consultant, Haematology & Haemato
  • Dr. Dinesh Jain- Consultant
  • Dr. Mitu Shrikhande- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Niti Raizada Narang- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Prantar Chakrabarti-Consultant
  • Dr. Rahul Bhargava- Director
  • Dr. Rakesh Ojha- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Sachin Suresh Jadhav- Consultant Haemato-oncology

Interventional Cardiology

  • Dr. Gopi Aniyathodiyil- Consultant Interventional
  • Dr. Keshava- Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
  • Dr. N Sridhara- Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
  • Dr. Prabhakar Koregal- Consultant Interventional cardiologist
  • Dr. Rajpal Singh RL- Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
  • Dr. Rangaraj- Consultant
  • Dr. Shashidhar- Consultant interventional
  • Dr. Venkatesh S- Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
  • Dr. Vikranth Veeranna- Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

Liver Transplant

  • Dr. Ajitabh Srivastava- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Neelamekam TK- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Rakesh Rai- Senior consultant
  • Dr. TK Neelamekam- Sr. Consultant
  • Dr. Veerendra Sandur- Consultant Gastroentrologist
  • Dr. Vivek Vij- Director


  • Dr Prateek Tripathi- Sr. Consultant
  • Dr. (Col) Harinder- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Aashish Sharma- Consultant
  • Dr. Abdul Rashid- Attending Consultant
  • Dr. Amit Nagrik- Nephrologist
  • Dr. Amit Sharma- Consultant
  • Dr. Anuja Porwal- Consultant
  • Dr. Arup Ratan Dutta- Chief-Nephrologist
  • Dr. Arup Ratan Dutta- Consultant


  • Abhilekh Srivastava- Associate consultant
  • Dr Amit Shankar Singh- Attending Consultant
  • Dr. Alok Jain- Consultant
  • Dr. Amit Haldar- Consultant
  • Dr. Anil Karapurkar- Consultant
  • Dr. Anurag Gupta- Consultant
  • Dr. Ashis Das- Consultant
  • Dr. Ashok Hande- Consultant Neuro Surgeon
  • Dr. Atampreet Singh- Consultant


  • Dr. Amaresh S Bhaganagare- Consultant
  • Dr. Anil Dhingra- Consultant
  • Dr. Ashis Pathak- Director
  • Dr. Ashish Gupta- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Ashish Gupta- Director
  • Dr. Asis Kumar- Consultant
  • Dr. Deepu Banerjee- Senior Consultant & Professor
  • Dr. Deepu Banerji- Consulting Neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Deshpande V Rajakumar- Director


  • Dr. Himanshu Shukla- Associate Consultant
  • Dr. Abhishek Puri- Attending Consultant
  • Dr. Aditi Bhatt- Consultant
  • Dr. Anil Heroor- Consultant Onco Surgeon
  • Dr. Anusheel Munshi- Director
  • Dr. Atul Sharma Joshi- Additional Director
  • Dr. Bellarmine- Consultant Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Bhawana Awasthy- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Deepak Jha- Senior Consultant


  • Dr Vishal Arora- consultant Ophthalmologist
  • Dr. (Col) Jaivir- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. (Prof.) A.R.Banerjee- Consultant
  • Dr. Aditi Krishna Agarwal- Consultant
  • Dr. Angshuman Das- Consultant
  • Dr. Anita Sethi- Director
  • Dr. Arindam Jha- Consultant
  • Dr. Arvind Kumar- Senior Visiting Consultant

Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement

  • Dr Amar Kumar- Consultant
  • Dr Nikunj Agarwal- Attending Consultant
  • Dr. (Prof) Amite - Director
  • Dr. AB Govindaraj- Chief
  • Dr. Abhijeet Kale- Consultant
  • Dr. Ajay S Bhambri- Consultant
  • Dr. Amit Kapila- Consultant
  • Dr. Amit Pachauri- consultant
  • Dr. Anoop Jhurani- Consultant

Paediatric Surgery

  • Dr. Anju Gambhir- Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Chethan M J- Consultant
  • Dr. Deepti V-Consultant
  • Dr. Pradeep Bhatia- Empanelled Consultant
  • Dr. Santhosh Olety- Consultant
  • Dr. Shashirekha Shetty- Consultant
  • Dr. Vivek Rege- Consultant Pediatric Surgeon

Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery

  • Dr. A.B. Prabhu- Consultant
  • Dr. Adhishwar Sharma- Consultant
  • Dr. Ajay Kashyap- Empanelled Consultant
  • Dr. Ajaya Kashyap- Director
  • Dr. Amitabh Singh- Consultant
  • Dr. Amitabh Singh- Empanelled Consultant
  • Dr. Anil Behl- Visiting Consultant
  • Dr. Arindam Sarkar- Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Dr. Charu Sharma- Senior Consultant, Cosmetic & PS


  • Dr. (Col.) Dinesh Kapoor- Director & HOD
  • Dr. Abhishek Bansal- Associate Consultant
  • Dr. Ajit Pal Singh - Radiologist
  • Dr. Aprajita Mehta- Consultant
  • Dr. Deepak Jigiasi- Consultant, Radiology
  • Dr. Harsimran Singh- Consultant (Radiology)
  • Dr. Manika Sharma- Consultant
  • Dr. Mona Bhatia- Additional Director & Head
  • Dr. Neha Chhabra- Radiologist


  • Dr. (Col.) Rajeev sood- Director
  • Dr. A.K. Singal- Consultant
  • Dr. A.S Bawa- Director, Urology
  • Dr. Aman Gupta- Consultant
  • Dr. Anand Utture- Consultant
  • Dr. Anil Kayastha- Senior Consultant & Medical
  • Dr. Anil Mandhani- Director
  • Dr. Anjan Das- Consultant
  • Dr. Dushyant Nadar- Director


I am Rosemary 45yr from Uganda my daughter had heart problem three hole in the heart. Being mother was very worried but we received good service , good doctors, good staff. I appreciated their work. I came with no hope at Fortis Hospital. Doctors they took good care before and after surgery they saw my daughter everyday 2-3 times. Today my daughter is healthy and my family is very happy and I bless them all.

Uganda/ Fortis Hospital New Delhi

I am from Nigeria. I was suffering from back pain and neurological issues. We all faced stressed time with him and seeing him in pain we always were dishearten. Back home we did not have permanent cure only could manage. We can in touch with Fortis hospital and Dr. Ashish Shrivastav had counselling we were given proper guidance on spine surgery of L 4-L5 and S 1 -S2. So decided the selection, visa and way to India. We had smooth service from counselling, airport arrival, Surgery, follow up. Pet

Spine Problem/ Nigeria/ Age 42yr

Anna 7yr old was having pain crises and was admitted to the hospital. The medical reports revealed that she was suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia. Due to lack to advance medical treatments in native country, she was suggested to visit India for the treatment by her friends, who had been to India. She was accompanied to India with her mother.

Zambia/ 7 yr shares her experience

Disclaimer:- Manipal Hospital, is a 800+ bedded hospital offering treatment options across specialties like Cardiac Sciences, Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, Orthopaedics and Joint replacement, Oncology, Nephrology and Kidney transplant. IPSCLINIC has an agreement with Manipal Hospital, to market its services in international markets. IPSCLINIC is not a part of Manipal Hospital. IPSCLINIC’s staff assist international patients in getting treatment at Manipal Hospital, we don’t claim to be part of Manipal Hospital